What VIM is and why should we use it.

VI is a short form of VISUAL and VI is replaced by VIM. Vim is an advanced level of text editor. It was created for the UNIX operating system. Vim is the software which is practically installed everywhere. Vim is most powerful than any other text editors that you are using. It is not a software that you call user-friendly. When you open a vim text editor and tries to type something, it will do strange things, like a beep sound, or it may display some messages in the status bar. But if you enter VOWEL “A”, “E”,” I”,” O”, or ”U”, it will suddenly come alive. Once you start learning VIM, you will be more efficient in using text editors than with any other text editors. All the power vim provides allows you to do things very quickly. You can even make some complex edits very quickly and easily.

It has many powerful features such as Resgistars, command reputation, Macros, filters, auto-compilation, text object searching, global substitution. Vim knowledge is transferable. You can configure command line shall to use vim style line editing features. You can use vim key bindings to browse command history and even edit the current command line. Even outside of command line, you can put your vim knowledge to use. Some of the text editors support vims mode. These are some of the reasons to use the vim text editor. No offense that everyone is used to with some of the text editors but once you start learning vim you will be amazed by how it works and how helpful it is. You can find more about this from the below link.

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