What is Plant Friend?

Today’s blog is really interesting. Planet friend is a moisture system introduced by Dickson  Chow, which monitors humidity, air temperature and soil moisture of indoor plants and it will alert you via text message or email when plants need water. 

The system consist of plant friend consists of multiple sensors and those sensors are wireless and work on battery power sensor nodes. Nodes gather the Humidity, Temperature and soil moisture for reading for solo plant and a receiving base station that logs and processes the data. 

There is also a mobile app that allows to connect to the base station using the internet. Mobile application.The Plant Friends mobile app allows monitor the soil moisture, humidity and temperature on my phone both real-time and historical data. The app connects to the base station via the internet. The main screen displays the characters (sensor nodes). Tapping on a character shows the data for that character.

Thousands of people like taking care of plants. Dickson Chow decided to design something for himself caused he struggled to nurture plants. In his first design round, sketching and electronics research ensued and the first design wasn’t that great. His design contained solar panel. But his device needed to run on batteries. In his design round two, while he was looking through an old sketchbook, he found drawing of a robot that e drew years ago. He thought: “Wouldn’t it be funny if a robot developed a green thumb?” More sketching ensued. 

To make sure a perfect fit, he uses cardboard and modeled in 3D laser cutting.

The character’s brain is powered by an Arduino clone called the Moteino made by Felix of lowpowerlab.com. This is how the plant friend was made. 

Reference to my blog: http://dicksonchow.com/plant-friends

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