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Today, I would like to write my entire blog on web designing.CSS(Cascading stylesheet), JavaScript, and jQuery are the heart of any website. These languages are like makeup to anyone’s face. When we put makeup on the face, we look more attractive, right?  Same way If this(CSS, JavaScript, jQuery) client-side(Executes on the client machine) scripting languages are used with HTML(Hypertext transfer Languages), they add more beauty to how the website looks. Good look of any website designs can derive more visitors, clients and win more attention to your company and the organization for which you have created the website. But It is not easy to come up every time with a unique design. For that, a designer has to keep themselves updated with the latest technologies, tools and should keep visiting the latest launched websites. I use https://www.awwwards.com/ website to see all the top awarded websites. I explore every top website and try to understand the codes of the website. Getting the correct direction of the difference in market and making sense of what sort of design they incline toward would help you not be disregarded in the new website architecture patterns.

Let’s talk about the tools for the web designers. I will mention all the tools step by step. Number 1 is Adobe XD. I was using Microsoft Visio to create the wireframes of the websites. It pretty easy to use the software but the software is not free so, I every time I create wireframes I use Adobe XD. Next step of the web designer is to convert a wireframe into a draft visual design of the wireframe. For that, I would mention here an Adobe Photoshop. Now it comes to text editors. There are so many texts editors one can use. To cite, Visual Studio text editor, DreamWeaver, Sublime, Brackets, Notepad++. DreamWeaver is very much outdated. I have read somewhere that the latest version of DreamWeaver is good. I personally have not used the newest version but used it in the year 2015 during my bachelor degree in my back home. There are around 34 tools of the web designs. You can find them on https://www.creativebloq.com/features/best-web-design-tools

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