Not an average.

In this world full of talented people. Somewhere in this world, few people think that they are not capable of doing anything.  To site, a number of people have the mindset of “I can’t do coding or Doing coding is impossible for me”. But that’s not the fact. Even impossible says “I-am-possible”. It’s the time that makes a human perfect. Everything in this world is designed based on the concept of an average. Everyone is special but the concept of average makes human thinks that he/she is average.

The concept of average was introduced by Belgian mathematician and astronomer named Adolphe Quetelet. We all born average. No one borns with the term “perfect”.Everyone in this world become proficient in anything by practicing, by observing and by experiencing. When we compare today’s life with the life of ancient people, we have observed many tremendous changes in this world. The changes are build by averages of the foregone days.

Likewise having an average of our routine life is important. It makes our life easy so far. Every day we work, eat, sleep and travel. Sometimes we spent too much time on one thing and we miss other work. From our daily routine, one must have an average priority based calculation for everything. By doing so he/she will be able to give equal time to the everything they do during the day. And having a daily routine is a positive sign of moving towards “man/woman”.

Being a web developer, I notice myself growing and becoming good every day by practicing and having an average of daily routine life.

Citation : https://99percentinvisible.org/episode/on-average/

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