Final Year Project to be continued…!!

As I promised you, this blog is all about difficulties I faced during my final year project. And how I found the best templates. I am going to add few links at the end of this blog where you can find the templates.

Okay So, We were three people in the group. An interesting thing in our group member was that we all were going to work as a team for the first time. All the other project we did during the graduation period was an individual project. I was a lead designer of the project and a coder too. As you know We had to use existing templates available on the net for the website. Trust me editing those existing templates are stress. If they had given us choice to make we would definitely choose to design templates rather than using prepared templates; but then too I enjoyed my work cause I love designing. I was a lead designer of the project though I was supposed to make my partners agreed on any changes in templates, after all, it was a group project and no one wants issue at the end of the project on how the website looks. Being a lead designer and coder I had to look for both jobs at the same time during the project which ultimately gave me some difficulties but somehow I was able to complete it successfully. For doing project work, we were having an office of our team member. Talking about my team members one of our female member was not very cooperative. Because of her unprofessional behavior there was communication gap between her and rest of us; which ultimately created some conflicts between our group member. At the end we came out from every awkward situation and we learnt a lot during the project period.  As Paul J Meyer said Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success. We talked to others we solved the problems and made our project successful. Our project was the best in the entire B.C.A(Bachelor of Computer Application) program in the year 2016-2017.



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