In universal design, there’s something called the curb cut effect. Basically, the curb cut effect is intended to benefit individuals with disabilities. Curb cuts are related with the term “Accessibility” and are intended for wheelchair users to be able to get on sidewalks, parents with strollers, help bicyclists, delivery people, and a people without disabilities. Here we will understand it more through the example. Curb cuts are the divots that you see across the corner of streets, mostly in the cities. The idea behind this, people with wheelchairs can cross the road without lifted up or down. Besides that, It will be also accessible for the people trying to move heavy stuff using the carts. Also a mother with the baby in the stroller.

Similarly, curb cuts are an important part of website designing. Nowadays all the websites are designed, keeping in mind disabled people. While designing a website there are lots of terms that a designer needs to understand. He/She must design a website which will be accessible to everyone. To cite, People with eyesight disabilities uses a screen reader to access the website. Screen reader software reads the website according to the heading levels and landmarks (nav, sections, aside, article tags). So while designing a website, the designer must develop a website that meets the above-defined terms. Similarly, there are people whose color blind. While choosing a color of the website there are millions of color contrast websites available that help you in selecting a color that’s accessible to everyone.

Besides that, there is much software that helps you to check the accessibility of the website. I am familiar with the WAVE. https://wave.webaim.org/ You can enter URL of any hosted website and you can check if the website is accessible or not. You can even add an extension of the wave to your browser. Once it is added to your browser, you visit any website and you can simply click on the wave icon to the right corner of the browser. You can then see all the errors, warning,  features and color contrast errors of the particular website. This software is really helpful. I personally use this software while I design any websites.

This is it for curb cuts effect. I will be back with more detailed content for the same.


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