Can you do programming if you’re blind?

I am so excited to write my 6th blog after a long break. Being a web developer, my colleague asked me how someone can do programming if they are blind. So I thought to explore the same topic.

Sights are an important part of all the living beings out there. If we, humans are blind,  we can’t read, write and see the things around us. It is one of the most important sensors of any human being. If it is so then, how programming is possible for them with this disability? Well, God is fair with all and so the truth is when one has some disability he/she definitely has more hidden power with his/her other part of the body, which may overcome that disability. Let’s take an example of a man named T.V Raman who is blind and currently working for Google. Also, The Contributor of FreeCodeCamp Florian Beijers was also born blind. There may be more unknown personality exist than these two well-known, who are blind and still do coding.

Let’s talk more on it. I researched more and found a few answers. So this blog of mine is a summary of all those answers. While searching, one college student mentioned, with his windows XP operating system he uses Jaws to read whatever appears on the screen to him and in synthetic speech. For java programming he uses eclipse. He also mentioned that eclipse is a fully-featured IDE that is accessible. For any .net programming, he uses visual studio 2005 since it is very accessible using Jaws.

Basically, from the above, we can say that a blind person can do coding in any programming language using the screen reader with the operating system whether it is MAC or window. Well, I didn’t know that having screen reader functionality has its own benefit.

But It’s not always easy to do things without looking at it. One blind developer mentioned that each platform has different workflows for users with sight disability and that depends on the screen reader that the blind developer uses. Development tools are not completely accessible for blind developers. Also, documentation is also a problem for blind developers. I have mentioned the links below where you can read about people’s personal experience.

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