Final Year Project

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Final Year Project

My final year project was of 3 months long. It was team project. The best part of it was, we were allowed to choose the group members of our own choices. It includes one criteria of making group that is, Maximum number of people in one group should be 6. But my group was of four members. We had a list of project topics for the final year project. We chose our topic very wisely and it was a topic which needs to explore widely as it wasn’t that much in used. Our first step was to gather all the requirements for our projects. As I mentioned above we chose the topic,  for which websites are not that much available. We had no websites to refer to. Everytime we present features of our website to our project instructor, he always find some kind of problem in the features.

It tooks nearly one week of us to gather all the necessary requirements of our project which we listed.

Our next step was to create DFD(Data Flow Diagram)  or flow chart. We chose to design data flow diagram. We used line draw software to design the diagram. We first created the rough diagram on papers. Our third step was to design a database according to the requirements. Creating a database was a challenging task. We were having so many tables but we had to create a database table using less number of tables which was itself very challenging task. But there is one truth, nothing is impossible. We successfully designed the database in the duration of 1 week and 4 days as at the same time we had to deal with other subjects. Moreover, We also had midterm exams. After all this steps one more to go that was; We had to choose the templates for the website instead of designing it. But I would love that if we were having opportunity to design our own templates.

So, My next blog will includes steps of how we found perfect templates, some more steps to complete project and the difficulties we faced while working as a team on the project.

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