A journey and a porfolio

Here, I am writing my first blog. Let me introduce myself a bit. I am from India.I have completed B.C.A (Bachelor of Computer Application) from C.B.Patel Computer college in my home country. To accomplish my dream of becoming a Web Designer,I have to enhance my knowledge in it so I applied for web development course in many colleges of Canada and then finally I got offer letter from Humber college which is the one I ever wanted to study in. It’s been five months I am here in canada and the journey from India to Canada is full of ups and downs. I learnt in my previous college was a basic codings. Entering into my first semester of Web Development program in Humber college was a challenging face of my life. It took bit time to understand the teaching method as it is vary from the one I studied.

Let’s start with the portfolio making experience.

In my first semester of web development in Humber college, I was given an assignment in subject Digital Design on Portfolio Design. Previously, after completing my bachelor of computer application degree in my back home, I was preparing for IELTS ( International English Language Testing System) for abroad study. To upgrade and keep my knowledge of web design, I created a portfolio. I thought to continue with that portfolio but It was built using HTML, and I was supposed to use HTML5. So I decided to start with the new portfolio. First, I visited many hosted portfolios online to get some more ideas. I sketched many designs on paper for my portfolio. I picked the one that was more suitable for my portfolio. I took me about 3 hours to complete with that. Once I had my sketch ready, I decided color combinations for my design. My next step, I created mockup using photoshop. It was my first time with the photoshop.I never used it before. Creating a mockup was a real struggle for me. But  I kept on trying, after all, there is saying “Try and try you will succeed”. After a battle of 3 days, I had my mockup.Now the final step for my assignment was to give it life using code. (HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Javascript). I had to match my portfolio with the mockup I created using photoshop. It includes matching colors, height, width, fonts, font size and so on. It was tough as it was the first time with the photoshop, but it was a fun task as well. Now that I have my design ready, I am looking forward to turning my static web portfolio to dynamic web portfolio. According to the requirement of the portfolio, I start designing the database. My next step will be to complete with the final database and give it life with code. Recently I’m writing a book based on my experience here in Canada; and positively I am hoping to publish it soon in future.

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